About Yani Quilt and Bead

We specialize in making custom handmade quilts using only the best material. We work using batik cloths from different regions of Indonesia. Every handmade quilt that we make comes from Yani's passion and love of the craft. Browse through our gallery to see all of the handmade quilts we've done or if you have something in mind - we can work with you to make your custom made quilt project come true.

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100% Handmade Quilts

All of our quilts are handmade and designed by Yani herself giving each and every quilt we make that unique quality that only truly handmade items have. Each quilt can take months to finish.

Batik Quilts

We use 100% cotton batik cloths for most of our quilts. Yani travels all over Indonesia for her quilt material, from Pekalongan, Java to Bali, the Paradise Island.

Custom Order Quilts

You can either base your custom quilt on one of the many samples we have displayed in the galleries or contact us to talk about your dream quilt project.

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